unemployment drag bad end to good summer

Moving into the final weeks of an otherwise good summer, the long term unemployment situation makes for a bad ending. It's already bad enough that summer is the shortest of seasons. That is punishment enough already. Unfortunately, for the 4 million plus long term unemployed, the end of summer is hardly a big deal in comparison to chronic unemployment. What about the recently lowered unemployment rate to 7.4 %? As always the devil is in the details...what isn't calculated in the 7.4% unemployment figure is the number of people that are dropping out of the job hunt game and those that have exhausted unemployment benefits.

As if being unemployed for more than 6 months isn't bad enough, the House of Representatives is playing nuclear threat games with working class people. Boehner and company are threatening to shutdown the federal government in an attempt to kill funding for Obamacare. This is absurd and the worst display of stupidity ever by these ronin GOP agents. More importantly, is a shutdown of the federal government going to hurt Obama? Nope. Is it going to hurt Boehner and his cronies? Nope. Who will be hurt by a government shutdown? How about federal government workers or better yet the unemployed. These clowns in the House don’t get it. Personally, my belief is that Marijuana must be legal; at least in Washington because Boehner and buddies must be on a crazy pot high with their preposterous threats. It's the only reasonable conclusion to why Boehner and his thugs would want the American people to pay for a dispute between the White House and the House of Reps. When will this madness end? Is this yet another attempt to deflect attention from a lack of solutions to the employment growth problem? What will workers and the unemployed do to survive if the government shuts down in September?

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