emotional intelligence grows sales decline

Emotional intelligence in the workplace continues to grow yet sales continue to decline [or stay stagnant] for many companies. Isn't emotional intelligence "the way" the enlightened path? Why isn't the value of emotional intelligence showing up in the bottom line? Why are so many companies still not hiring? These are some compelling questions of the current workplace era. Surely there may be a multitude of factors that contribute but some of the common denominators include:

emotional intelligence

  1. Sales - Companies still have to sell their products and services. The workplace transformation to presumably over accommodate "feelers" hasn't shored up in terms of profits.
  2. Credibility - So one buys a product/service because their so called "friend" made them feel good about the purchase [no doubt motivated by their friend's monetary interest in selling the product or at least assisting in the sale of the product] later to find out the product/service doesn't cut the mustard. Even worse the buyer's "friend" knew so while persuading him/her to buy. Where does that leave the friend or the company in terms of credibility?
  3. Performance - If the fundamental purpose of product/service purchase isn't if/how the product/service performs than that would explain the apparent fools folly economy. For more than a millennium, the adage has been "necessity is the mother of invention." Are we now supposed to scrap that in favor of emotional intelligence as the driver i.e. a nice looking car that makes the buyer feel good but with a bad engine, a nice looking home to feel good about, for parties and hosting, but is grossly infected with termites or other foundation problems?

It would appear, at least on the surface, that some of economic problems of the current state of affairs is the departure from tried and true economic principles to accommodate an emotional intelligence trend that hasn't produced many results, if any, for a number of companies. Bottom line, a number of companies have gone gung ho with emotional intelligence and only have red ink to show for it. Sure, emotions are important in the workplace but when does accommodating such go too far? In my opinion it goes too far when you transform an otherwise profitable shop into a charity organization.

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